Corner Toilet

Corner toilets are used for very small bathrooms, or just to add some character to a normal bathroom. Normally though, people use a corner toilet if a bathroom is an odd shape, or the square feet in a bathroom is very small where only a toilet and a corner sink could fit. Or perhaps a very strange shape is encountered in a closet-like room and a corner sink and a corner toilet could fit.

Measure the size of a closet-like space or a very odd shaped room where you think you would want the corner toilet. See if you can fit an elongated toilet into the place where you want a toilet placed. See if you can put it into the space in question and you won’t be squeezed excessively when using this toilet. If you would be overly squeezed with an elongated toilet, check to see if a smaller toilet would be a better fit.

Sometimes a wall will be a strange pointed arrow type arrangement in a small room where you want to put a bathroom. This is another case to get a corner toilet. This is where the toilet tank is triangular and would fit a triangulated wall in a strangely shaped stall, or area with a triangular back set of walls.

Yet another case where a corner toilet could be useful is when you want to save as much space as you can and optimize space in a bathroom. Here, you can place a corner toilet in a corner of the room, no matter what shape the room walls are arranged in. In this case, the toilet bowl area will be at an angle and the tank, which will likely be triangular, will be stuffed neatly into a corner tucking what would be the bulk of a normal tank away into a neat corner.

What you should do prior to shopping for a corner toilet is to measure where you would like to place it in the bathroom. Check how long the area is where the toilet bowl will project. This is to see how crowded out you will or will not be when you come to use this toilet in the future. This also determines what elongation is suitable for the bowl of the toilet in this space.

A corner toilet can have either a partial flush or a full flush tank. It can also have dual flush tank, which incorporates both. This is best if you are trying to go the green route because it saves water when you use the partial flush. You can also get just the one regular flush tank as well. Again, the tank of the toilet is normally triangular to fit into a corner of a bathroom.